During the past decade the banking and finance industry has experienced rapid growth and commercial change in Pakistan, resulting in increased scrutiny by the regulatory bodies and extensive legislative reform. Over this time, Kakakhel Law Associates has assisted many of its financial institution clients in dealing with the changing business environment. We have worked with these clients to resolve a myriad of legal issues, whilst ensuring a successful outcome for them and their businesses.

Our Banking Law services include: 

  1. Suits before Banking courts in Peshawar & Islamabad
  2. Applications for leave to defend
  3. Trials
  4. Appeals
  5. Drafting of contracts
  6. Mortgage drafting
  7. Reviewing Documents



  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Gulf Commercial Bank Limited
  • PICIC Commercial Bank Limited
  • Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
  • The Bank of Khyber Limited
  • Allied Bank Limited