We have special expertise in both Muslim and non Muslim personal laws of Pakistan with special reference to matrimony, inheritance, marriage, divorce, maintenance of wives and children, guardianship and succession etc.

We have a team of leading female lawyers in Peshawar and Islamabad and male lawyers across Pakistan who hold expertise in this field and regularly appear before different Family Courts, High Courts and even the Supreme Court to bring about best results for their clients.

We regularly provide family law services by filing Suits for Dissolution of Marriage on the following grounds:

  1. Cruelty
  2. Non maintenance of wife
  3. Non payment of dower
  4. Maltreatment
  5. Domestic violence
  6. Failure to perform Conjugal Rights.

Other suits Include: 

  1. Maintenance of wife and children
  2. Recovery of Dower
  3. Custody of Minor
  4. Visitation of Father/ Mother with minor.

We also draft Divorce deeds/ Talaqnama for our clients.

Our team have published Family Law books with commentary and regularly appear in interviews and write for leadings papers for rising family issues.



  • Currently representing a client in Dissolution of Marriage under Christian Personal Law.
  • Drafted an agreement for dissolution of marriage on mutual consent of both parties.
  • Appeared for a woman who’s minor child was illegally taken by her Husband, who was recovered by the Family Court through police and sent with her mother.
  • Appeared on behalf of a woman and her three minor children in a matter of maintenance, which was ordered by the court as per the need and expenses of the children.
  • Appeared for a man who was not given a visitation right by his wife to see his son, The court allowed him to visit his son every month.
  • Appeared on behalf of a woman who wanted Dissolution of Marriage on basis of cruelty, the court dissolved the marriage and to take dower as per the nikah nama.
  • Appeared for a man whose wife had filed a case for dissolution of marriage on basis of his impotency, The court ordered in favor of our client and ordered the woman to go back with her husband or file a case for dissolution of marriage or Khula.
  • Appeared for a woman who’s dower was taken away and was dispossessed of the house given to her in her Nikah Nama, Court ordered in our clients favor and she was given back her dowry and the possession of the house which was observed to be hers now. Contact us for more cases.