Criminal Trials:

The chamber has a special reputation in the trial of murder and other criminal cases and appeals arising there from to the high courts and supreme court of Pakistan We also practice in cases relating to charges of money laundering, crimes relating to Trade Mark, Customs and Banking. Criminal trials with special expertise in murder cases, Narcotics, Anti-corruption and drug laws. Investigations into cases of murder and other crimes, domestic violence and undetected murders are also conducted.

Corporate law:

Both domestic and international laws relating to customs, banking, trademark, excise ,sales tax and different types of duties levied by the government . Tax manipulation or evasion by national and international authorities.

Family laws:

We have special expertise in both Muslim and non Muslim personal laws with special reference to matrimony, inheritance, marriage, divorce, maintenance of wives and children, guardianship and succession etc.

Courts Martial:

Courts Martial, Military Law, trial of both Military and Civilian personnel before the Courts Martial convened by Army, Navy and Air Force. Appeals arising from sentences passed by courts martial to specified authorities. Mercy appeals after the dismissal of appeal to the military authorities.Petitions before the High court and Supreme court of Pakistan in court martial and military cases.

Constitutional Petitions:

Writ Petitions before the High Courts. Petitions before the Supreme Court in all the matters relating to corporate law, Civil and Criminal cases and matters of general public importance.


Appeals in both criminal and civil cases before any court, tribunals, High courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Service Matters / Employment Law / Labour Law in Pakistan:

Expertise of Kakakhel Law Associates also include service matters of all nature before the Provincial Service Tribunals, Federal Service Tribunal, High Courts and Supreme Court. We have represented Provincial and Federal Government in Service Matters in Service Tribunals and Superior Courts against Civil Servant / Government servants and represented thousands of government Servants / Civil Servants in all the courts against the Government illegal transfer, promotion, seniority etc.

We have also successfully challenged minorities quota in Services of Pakistan and transfers under spouse policy.

Aviation Law:

The matters relating to Aviation Law are also looked into by Kakakhel Law Associates. Currently we are defending Turkish Airlines and Emirates Airlines in various suits for damages. Previously the cases relating to import of Spare Parts and Engines of Aircrafts belonging to Aero-Asia Airlines and Air Asia Airlines were also conducted by us.

Air Crash Investigations:

The Firm has specialized and is also in liaison with various experts on Aeronautical Engineering and experts on Avionics. Engine mechanics of various Aircrafts are also in touch with us. The Law Firm is fully competent to carry out Air crash investigations including the cases  thereof and for making recommendations to avoid recurrence of similar nature in future. The Firm is also about to launch an investigation about the feasibility and use of Fokker Air craft grounded on petty grounds. The Firm has the capacity to not only conduct the investigations but also to look into the insurance and damages that can be awarded to the victims of the Air crash.

Registration of Foreign Company in Pakistan / Partnership firms.

We also register foreign companies in Pakistan which is mandatory and register partnership firms with the partnership registrar. Foreign company can adopt the same name registered in the Country of the origin.  We complete all the documentation  for the companies and partnership firms which are required.

International law:

Law relating to war, war crimes and trial of war criminals before National and International Tribunals.

International arbitration , reconciliation and trial of criminals before international courts and tribunals.

Petitions, memos & references before / to International Court of Justice.

Efforts are being made to make legal services available to everybody in countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand (Asia Pacific), Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Dubai , Saudi Arabia ( Middle East), Houston, Dallas, Texas locations, New York, Washington D.C. (United State Of America), London (UK).

We are also trying to make liason with international court of justice, international tribunals on war and other international tribunals with specific jurisdiction for a workable provision of legal aid through Kakakhel Law Associates.

Real Estate / Property Matter:

We have conducted thousands of cases relating to Property Matters. We have uploaded few of reported cases so the clients which are interested in hiring us can read it and then decide it. We have represented clients in different matter in property law which also included compulsory acquisition of Property & antiquity properties.

Energy & Resourses:

KLA has a team of professionals who focus on the needs of the energy and resources industry, a team that stands at the forefront of energy and resources law.

We have a breadth of expertise across a number of different areas relating to the energy and resources sector, including electricity, renewable energy, gas, mining and petroleum.

Media Law:

KLA has is the leading media and entertainment law practice in Pakistan, providing commercially informed, specialised legal advice to our national and international clients.

The media and entertainment services team has extensive experience in the corporate, commercial, financial, tax and personal services demanded by private and corporate clients alike.  Our experience in all areas and on all sides of the media and entertainment industries enhances our services to clients.

Banking Law:

During the past decade the banking and finance industry has experienced rapid growth and commercial change in Pakistan, resulting in increased scrutiny by the regulatory bodies and extensive legislative reform.  Over this time, Kakakhel Law Associates has assisted many of its financial institution clients in dealing with the changing business environment.  We have worked with these clients to resolve a myriad of legal issues, whilst ensuring a commercially successful outcome for their business.

We have also represented National & International Banks in Pakistan, and they are satisfied with our services.

Damages & Defamation Suits:

We are also expert in filing damages and defamation suits for our clients. In current damages suits we are defending Turkish Airlines & Emirates Airlines in suits which includes substantial questions of jurisdiction, Immigration and International Law.

Election Laws:

We have represented huge number of politicians in their election matters. Few cases are reported as well. The list of politicians represented by us are available in the Clients List.

In recent 2013 election we filed dozen of election appeals and successfully granted relief to our clients and allowed them to contest General election 2013 in Pakistan. Now we are in process to file election petitions against the rigging and corrupt practices in some constituencies in Election Tribunal Constituted by the Government of Pakistan.

Cyber Crimes:

Recently filed petition against the Ban on in Peshawar High Court and asked for direction to open the website after filtering the blasphemous contents from the website.

Tax & Revenue:

Our firm is regularly involved in dealing cases of Income Tax and Revenue Matters. We have represented individuals and both Income tax and revenue departments in different matters.

Health/ Negligence:

We are the only law firm dealing in medical side. We have represented Health Regulatory Authority, KPK against the quacks which is the licence granting authority of private practicing doctors.

Our firm is involved in so many health and medical public importance litigation / suo moto cases in which we were successful to grant relief to public at large.

Represented hundreds of individual clients in negligence matter against doctors and other professionals both in civil and criminal matters.

Intellectual Property Law:

Conducted hundreds of cases relating to infringement of Intellectual Property Rights of our clients. Recently we have represented Local Publishers against Oxford University Press, Pakistan.