Why do we believe in law? We believe in law because it provides us with justice. What justice does it give you? Equality equity and harmony prevail in a society when it has laws. It is difficult for a society to prevail without laws or its enforcement.

We listen to people whining over the media channels that there is no justice for the poor. In some cases, or sometime before it was the case in Pakistan, and for so many reasons we didn’t pay any heed towards it. But the question arises is that are we ready for justice?  When it comes to reporting cybercrimes or other crimes like a hit and run, harassment or our consumer rights, are we concerned with it are we acting as responsible citizens. The institutions complain of having little or no information about the crimes because people are more into the panchayat system or scared to come forward with any issue. We need to educate our people to stand up for their rights first. Unless or until you don’t take a stand for yourself, no one can do anything about it. Complaining can just not solve your problem but stepping a step forward will certainly make a difference.

Now, the law firms in Pakistan are clearing the barriers regarding provide justice and putting an end to the dilemma of associating injustice with poverty. There are ways you can get sheltered by the institutions but for once you must raise a voice.

There are several examples with the Kakakhels who have been provided justice even if they were poor what they had done was to step forward for themselves. The environment provided here is of no match to any other place. They listen to you and adequately advise you.

When the government planned to buy and scrap private buses on the BRT route, the lawyers said that the rickshaw drivers would be left with no work. The court moved its decision in the favour of the poor rickshaw drivers. This was a big move to prove that justice is for all.

The Kakakhel law associates and law firms in Pakistan ensure the use of technology to aware the masses about the devastations occurring in society. Awareness can help people understand their problems in a much better way as well as deal with the consequences which affect them at a larger level.

The role of women protecting women. The Kakakhel Law Associates give leverage to both men and women to give out the best of their abilities. The women are never discriminated, as a result, they ought to be vocal about the harassment issues for women, the rape incident which shook the country, the cybercrime issues leading to the tremendous outrage of blackmailing and suicide cases.

Mehwish Muhib clearly explaining the legal view on the recent incident of motorway along with the other experts. She is seen condemning the whole incident in grief. She explains the reasons for harassment increasing in number. She exclaims that the enforcement of the law is weak, and the people are filled with negativity which eventually is getting them into the acts of crime. The accountability of institutions should be done by the government. The public should be asking the government for answers. There are laws which can have a hold of the criminal easily. But there must be a proper investigation and most importantly the arrest of the culprit as soon as possible.


The Kakakhel Law associates are celebrating the emergence of the lawyer’s forum. Providing new talent, a platform to outperform their skills to the world. Their success stories are highlighted to appreciate them and motivate them for more success in the times to come.

The infrastructures of the law firms in Pakistan make us believe that they are unapproachable but with the use of technology, everything is possible. Actions speak louder than words completely fit to the idea of the Kakakhel Law Associates.

They move hand in hand with the use of technology and have conducted seminars on the importance of E-courts established in the current situation of the pandemic. It will enable people to seek justice within time and without any public interaction.

Harassment issues going down to the educational institutes is that the law firms in Pakistan show concern over this and give an open call to the victims to come forward with any proof so that strict action can be taken against the bullies through the court.

Then again Mr. Kakakhel advises the government to have an equal distribution of electricity in the province he considers that there is less authority with the province whereas in the center. The provinces are dominant in the center. He takes up for the solution of the unequal distribution of electricity by bringing investment from investors and making distribution points for electricity.

He accesses that the province is being represented by the ANP government rather than the PTI government. Thus, creating such problems.

Following the teachings of Islam and volunteering to adopt a child is well appreciated by the law firms in Pakistan. They are giving an overview of the public of child adoption and its legal perspective in Pakistan.

More or less, the Kakakhels are determined to provide the country with awareness, high morality, and a system of justice that they can believe in. They are head over heels trying to pacify the corruption and moving towards the strong path of a deterrent democracy. Most importantly, using their resources in an equipped manner to make a positive change hence bringing prosperity to the nation itself.