Mian Muhibullah Kakakhel Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Managing & Founding Partner
Kakakhel Law Associates

Date of Birth: 03-06-1958

Place of Birth: Andheri, Tehsil Tangi, District Charsadda, Peshawar

Permanent Residence: Tangi, Charsadda, Peshawar

Current Residence: Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Schooling: Lail Pur now Faisalabad, Punjab

College: Islamia Degree College, Peshawar

LLB: Govt. Islamia Law College, Karachi, Sindh

  • Belongs to a Notable Family of the Spiritual Leader Hazrat Kaka Sahib who has his followers all over the world.
  • Is a practising Senior Advocate Supreme Court and is the first youngest lawyer to get this title in the history of Pakistan.
  • Is a Life time member of the Supreme Court Bar Association.
  • Is a member of Peshawar High Court Bar Association. Practices in all the High courts of the country.
  • Is a member of International Bar Association, London (UK).
  • Is a member of World Jurist Association (US).
  • Is the President of Pakistan Jurists Association.
  • Has Conducted more than 10 thousand cases before the High Courts, Federal Shariat Court , Supreme Appellate Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • Has Conducted some very important constitutional cases like the writ petition for separation of Judiciary from the Executive, Political cases, inter-alia, those of Ex. Chief Ministers like Inayatullah Khan Gandapur and Pir Sabir Shah, those of Ministers Like Shabzada Salahuddin, Ghani-ur-Rehman and others. Murder Case of Allama Hussaini (for some accused) in which General Fazal-i- Haq, the late governor of N.W.F.P was the Principal accused.
  • Conducted  the case of Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi, Ex. Chief Minister NWFP, before the Peshawar High Court, Peshawar challegening his arrest as cheif minister by army and the military take over of the government by General pervez musharaf, the president of pakistan.
  • Almost all the International law firms and law chambers are decorated with the beautifully bound law books of Mr Kakakhel.
  • The advocates, attorneys, barristers, solicitors, law consultants, accountants, law students and university professors refer to the books of Mr Kakakhel for their valuable guidance.
  • The research work of Mr Kakakhel is a part and parcel of the libraries of supreme court of pakistan, the high courts and other courts of the country.
  • Has been a visiting Professor of Law in Frontier Law College and Peshawar Law College for quite some time.
  • Is an Examiner Faculty of Law University of Peshawar.
  • Appears on TV as an expert on Constitutional and International matters.
  • Is the author of the following books on Constitutional and other branches of Law.The publications of Mian Muhibullah Kakakhel are referred to and relied upon by the superior courts of the country and other tribunals. The publications are also relied uppon by various courts of other countries.
    • Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Four Volumes) consisting of 3964 page. Published by Excellent Publishers, Lahore .
    • Words and Phrases (Three Volumes) consisting of more than six Thousand Pages. Published by Kashmir Law Times, Lahore
    • Commentary on the Customs Laws in one Volume consisting of more than 800 Pages.
    • Companies Laws in one Volume consisting of more than 2000 Pages Published by Khyber Law Publishers, Lahore .
    • The Banking Laws in one Volume consisting of 626 Pages.
    • Laws relating to Maintenance of Public Order.
    • Expert on Shahadat in one Volume.
    • Law relating to cross examination in the trail courts
  • The publications of Mr Kakakhel are an integral part of the libraries of lawyers around the world. The books also find their place in the libraries of law colleges and universities both in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Is the author of more than two hundred research on Constitutional and International matters The articles were published in different national dailies
  • Appeared in dozens of human rights cases before the honorable Peshawar High Court and conducted some cases in the nature of probono-publico.
  • Has been a Legal Advisor of dozens of companies.
  • Conducted Some important criminal cases before the Supreme Appellate Court presided over by an Honorable Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Year 1991/92.
  • Had the honour of audience as an amicus curiae before the Honorable Peshawar High Court.
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