A bench of Peshawar High Court suspended transfer order of a Doctor serving in District Khyber to District Mohmand.

The petitioner was represented by Advocate Saifullah Muhib Kakakhel.

The lawyer argued that the doctor was serving in Khyber District along with his wife who is a teacher in district khyber.

He argued that the said transfer was against Spouse policy which clearly provides that spouses working in the same district should not be disturbed.

He put forth that the transfer is being done in wake of COVID-19, whereby all inter district travelling has been banned.

He said Service Tribunal is no actively working, therefore a writ petition was moved in this regard.

The court after hearing arguments of the lawyer suspended the transfer order/ granted stay order and sent the case to service tribunal to be adjudicated upon while the petitioner will serve in district khyber till final determination of the case.