We offer specialised services in following areas which makes us leading Property & Real Estate lawyers in Peshawar and Islamabad:

  • Inheritance issues of Legal Heirs of the deceased
  • Suits for Pre Emption under The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Preemption Act, 1987 and other laws respectively. 
  • Illegal Dispossession from property
  • Tamleek
  • Gifts
  • Waqt
  • Ownership Disputes both civil and criminal
  • Depriving women from their immovable and movable property


  1. Issuing Legal Notices to Tenants
  2. Reply of legal notices received to Tenants
  3. Non-Vacation of premises by the tenant.
  4. Non-payment of Rent by Tenant.
  5. Transferring the ownership by tenant to his own name


  1. Legal Advice to societies
  2. Dispute with Regulatory Body
  3. Non-Payment of Instalments
  4. Suits for possession
  5. Illegal transfer of allotted property from one name to another.


Other Services:

  • Vetting, conveyance, drafting and interpretation of various types of contracts/annexure such as co-partnership, joint venture, consortium, sale deed, lease deed, general power of attorney, builder buyer agreement, special power of attorney and other legal documents
  • Handling legal aspects of project sanctioning, housing loan and other types of cases involving mortgage
  • Providing services to oversees clients in fulfilling post-disbursement requirements
  • Recommending clients beyond the basic legal requirements while acquiring, disposing and transferring properties
  • Offering consultation on tax planning related to transactions to bring down tax liability.
  • Disputes arising out of Land Laws in Peshawar under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Land Revenue, Act 1967, The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Enforcement of Women’s Property Rights Act, 2019, Muhammadan Law and other Islamic Laws applicable therein. The same services are provided by our Land Lawyers in Islamabad.



Our Firm also provides dispute resolution services, which includes regional and multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration, as well as other forms of alternative dispute resolution and associated legal services. Whether our clients are desirous of acquiring or disposing of real estate, making investments or providing debt funding, raising capital or any other form of funding, creating a tax efficient investment vehicle, implementing a development project or asserting their rights before a court of law, our team works side by side with the client’s in-house team to ensure that the organization’s reputation and commercial goals are protected. Where a foreign entity is involved with a domestic business, the team also works closely with international law firms or consulting firms to provide a single point of contact with the client.