Legacy is what a person leaves in this world but now a lot of the influential people tell us that legacy is not just what you leave physically it is not just about a property, money, or any other material thing but it is what you give to the people all your life through your attitude. How nice you have been to other people, were you someone who would help without any selfishness. The best lawyers in Pakistan agree with the philosophical idea but we have a system to maintain in this world that is again of great importance to the welfare of society. Proper distribution of wealth needs to be given to the people especially when it comes to women. The people here in Pakistan are more inclined towards patriarchal decisions. They believe men are more responsible and can take on the affairs well. History with Pakistani women is somewhat different the best lawyers in Pakistan tell us that we had women like Benazir Bhutto she was the first women prime minister of the Islamic world. Then we have women in sports and women who work in the fields and industries. Then we have the best role of a woman as a mother. A mother is the foundation of the whole family and she owns great prestige over the family members. There are a lot of women who are the breadwinners of their families they have been working hard and making ways for their children. Then again, the women need protection. The best way to protect a woman can be as easy as to provide her the inheritance. This could solve a lot of her problems. Several daughters could make good use of the money they get in their inheritance. In Islam, the one who does not give the right of his daughter or sister will be punished on the day of judgment. This can truly cause bad impacts on our society.  The lack of education is more of a nuisance for the people. The women are not that educated mostly they are forced into marriages and left out for the rest of their lives. Swap marriages also create hindrances in the process of inheritance. The best lawyers in Pakistan want to eradicate this issue by empowering the women.

There should be proper religious lessons on this issue. People should be aware of the punishments for not giving off the property and other misleading concepts. The Kakakhels pointed out the point of taking dowry in this case as well. The girls are given dowry which in turn makes it their portion of inheritance which is a completely wrong act. The system of dowry is completely forbidden in Islam but we Muslims of the subcontinent need to satisfy the world with the dowry like the Hindu people. These adverse practices create an imbalance in the lives of the women and the people connected to them.

The Kakakhels have proved that this issue is not an unnecessary one. They have made it clear that they need to raise their voice in this regard. Talking of women in Pakistan is never so easy. No matter how much a woman is getting exploited, she must remain silent and take her level of patience to the highest level. This is where the Kakakhels want our women to know that it is not the right way to stay quiet for the rest of our lives just for the sake. The Kakakhels address the issue with great displeasure when they say that the women issues of Pakistan get highlighted in the western world. There are a lot of times when we have faced international backlash because of the ill-treatment that has taken place in our country.  If these problems, get eradicated by the people here in Pakistan, we will not be facing any insignificant talks from the rest of the world.

A significant factor in gender relations and wealth distribution is inheritance. There are areas in Pakistan that do not care for the rights of women especially when it comes to inheritance. In Islam, it is obligatory to distribute wealth according to the shariah. A woman has inheritance right from her father’s property, from her husband’s property, her brother’s property, and her son’s property as well. Although the portion is less in this regard, it is very beneficial if we look at the sufferings a woman can face. The woman is in our society is very weak. The best lawyers in Pakistan clearly define women as fearsome beings. They suffer a lot in our society in the name of religion in the name of honor and for their family name. the patriarchal society makes it difficult for a woman to follow her aspirations and lead a prosperous life. If we look at the western world the women have faced a lot of bad impacts on society but to this day, they have secured some good place in the world for being strong and independent.

It all starts with power and yes inheritance gives power. Wherever there is money involved, there is power and honor.  The Kakakhels suggest the people make good use of their inheritance by giving them to their daughters, sisters, or wives. Women are dependent on men for so many reasons but if we put them in the right position  Pakistan will certainly become the best living place. The idea of Jinnah was to protect women and their self-esteem so that they can bear excellent men for society. The best lawyers in Pakistan make us ponder on the rights of women after marriage and divorce. Yet nothing can be done if the woman wants to live in the same absurd condition. Because in our society we will never let a woman survive on her own. Because we cannot stand that she is independent and they are hardly any men who would come up for women.

The best lawyers in Pakistan discuss the main points for the abuse and killing the women face. The precautions that we need to take are from the very initial stage. In our family system, we need to make a strong family system. To make a strong family system we need to acquire the basic rights of every family member. Our family system does not allow anyone’s intervention, we simply doubt the people who can make our lives better by their advice such as lawyers, courts, and other law enforcers.  The Kakakhels talk about the trust factor and when it comes to their name, we can easily trust them. The trust factor maintained by the Kakakhels is commendable. They have always proved their point and made a positive mark on society.

The kakakhels believe that intentions are everything. It is high time that we decide for the betterment of our future generations. It is never so easy to look up to our flaws, but it is necessary to put an eye on the mistakes. The most important of all the things is to change ourselves, first like it is said charity begins from home. All the good things start at home.  May we succeed in managing the right kind of gestures towards our women and make a prosperous society.