PESHAWAR: Women lawyers at a gathering here on Thursday resolved to improve coordination to jointly address problems faced by them in courts and to guide new female entrants in the field of law.

The women lawyers gathered to celebrate fourth year of “Women in Law Network”, headed by Mehwish Muhib Kakakhel, an advocate of high court.

The network works for equality of opportunities for women lawyers and their connectivity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other provinces of the country.

Various issues were discussed in the gathering and all the participants actively put forward their views. The organisers shared the agenda for the year 2020 followed by open discussion by the participants.

Senior lawyers encouraged the participants of the meeting and some of them offered to help junior lawyers in teaching them how to draft cases and to record evidence.

They appreciated the “mentor mentee programme” regarding guidance by senior lawyers to junior ones. They appreciated the introduction of study circles, workshops and training programmes for women lawyers and also discussed the challenges faced by them.

Some lawyers voluntarily came forward to listen to the problems faced by women lawyers during practice and stated that they would try to become their voice by solving the same.

Advocates Ambreen, Sehrish, Naila Jan, Zeenat Muhib and Mehwish Muhib welcomed junior lawyers for any legal support they needed in preparing their cases.

Published in Dawn, January 30th, 2020