Kakakhel law associates provides services related to corporate and commercial laws in Pakistan. Our law firm is considered as one of the top law firms across country. This is due to the quality and effectiveness of the services that we provide to our clients.

The firm speaks to both buyers and venders in complex, multi-million dollar resource and stock transactions, and frequently helps within the appraisal, arrangement and closing of trade exchanges for freely exchanged and secretly claimed businesses. Our corporate lawyers specialize to represent entrepreneurs, investors and owner managed businesses. They advise about corporate transactions, contracts, banking and all other important aspects of running and growing business in Pakistan. Our lawyers are having technical expertise with having strong record in delivering creative and flexible solutions for clients. The firm is believed to have highly experienced and competent Corporate lawyers in Peshawar And Islamabad.

There are different  businesses and corporations for which our corporate lawyers had worked in past and also currently working. It includes technology related business, real estate businesses and also banking and finance matters of several other organizations. The advice related to banking and finance is provided by our corporate lawyers which is applicable to diverse businesses. It may be helpful for entrepreneurs and also those who are having their running businesses. The advice is usually about matters related to acquiring finance, funding and loans. Similarly, for technology based business, there are various legal issues that are being solved by our corporate lawyers. We advise on legal issues which can be of general nature or sometimes maybe about different agreements. Whereas in Real estate businesses our corporate lawyers advice clients about investments in developing commercial properties along with their financial security matters. At Kakakhel law associates we assure to protect your business rights.

Our services at Kakakhel law associates can be summarized as follows;



Corporate lawyers working with us help both new and already existing companies in their legal documentation. Legal documents hold significance for any business and if available in the right form can save from various difficulties. Registering a company is basic step for any new business and our lawyers assist in the registration of companies with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan. We also provide legal assistance in drafting memorandum of association. Along with that also help in drafting article of association. 


Our lawyers will guide you about tax laws of Pakistan. Every business these days is facing issues related to the taxation and unawareness to these tax laws sometimes lead to severe consequences. We have competent team of professional lawyers who are having expertise in tax laws and are ready to assist you in understanding tax laws of Pakistan. You must be looking for well crafted tax solutions. We have experienced lawyers who offer comprehensive range of services that includes: Strategic planning for tax, completion of tax returns under corporation tax, analysis and assessment to complex consultancy assignments. Our law firm offer services for submission of income tax and sales tax. And also provide litigation related to both of these matters.

We deliver innovative solutions of tax problems for our clients. Lawyers at our firm are focused and have complete knowledge and understanding of almost all business environments including manufacturing, technology and communications, public sector, property and retail. Our experienced lawyers deal with the complexity of tax law matters. Our lawyers will help you in planning and growth of your business. Our cooperation with clients in facing complex business challenges always resulted in their increased business performance. We are well renowned for our straightforward approach for solving our clients issues.



All business owners dealing with export/import businesses must be aware of custom laws of Pakistan. Its mandatory for people who are new to this business, to understand these laws otherwise they can face serious complications in future. Previously, we were successful to deal with clients who were exporters of different goods in Pakistan. We deal with issues of Customs arising out of Export-Import and otherwise. It includes but is not limited to seizure of Goods and currency etcetera.

Kakakhel law associates will take care of any issues whether you are exporter/importer or a large corporation, that you might face related to custom laws of Pakistan. Our expert lawyers are available to help and guide you and ensure that you don’t have any breaches in your business practices, and you are working according to the custom laws of Pakistan.

Our team is always available to provide our clients all of the above mentioned services effectively. Due to the successful dealing of our corporate lawyers with clients and resolving their matters efficiently, our team members are considered as the best corporate lawyers in Islamabad and Peshawar.



While our attorneys are always open to alternatives to litigation, we file cases without hesitation. Our excellent track record of lawsuits makes us effective at negotiating great results in the mediation context.

We have represented our clients in matters relating to domestic and international laws relating to customs, banking, trademark, excise, sales tax and different types of duties levied by the government. Tax manipulation or evasion by national and international authorities. If you need any help related to corporate law matters, you can always contact us. Our corporate lawyers in Peshawar and Islamabad are always available to help you.

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