Kakakhel Law Partners includes a full run of corporate and commercial lawful things in Pakistan, giving key counsel, common corporate guiding and administrative help for businesses in all stages of improvement. Presumed as a beat level corporate law firm in Pakistan since we offer comprehensive legitimate administrations to a client base that incorporates freely and secretly held enterprises as well as start-up, mid-sized and bigger, built up businesses. The firm speaks to both buyers and venders in complex, multi-million dollar resource and stock transactions, and frequently helps within the appraisal, arrangement and closing of trade exchanges for freely exchanged and secretly claimed businesses.

The services include:


  1. Registration of company with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  2. Drafting Memorandum of association
  3. Drafting Article of Association.



  1. Submission of Income Tax
  2. Submission of Sales Tax
  3. Litigation related to the above two.


We deal with issues of Customs arising out of Export-Import and otherwise. It includes but is not limited to seizure of Goods and currency etcetera.


While our attorneys are always open to alternatives to litigation, we file cases without hesitation.  Our excellent track record of lawsuits makes us  effective at negotiating great results in the mediation context.

We have represented our clients in matters relating to domestic and international laws relating to customs, banking, trademark, excise, sales tax and different types of duties levied by the government. Tax manipulation or evasion by national and international authorities.

The lists of clients have been provided in the ‘Clients Page’.