Kakakhel Law Associates encompasses a full range of corporate and commercial legal matters in Pakistan, providing strategic advice, general corporate counselling and regulatory assistance for businesses in all stages of development. Reputed as a top tier corporate law firm in Pakistan because we provide comprehensive legal services to a client base that includes publicly and privately held corporations as well as start-up, mid-sized and larger, established businesses. The firm represents both buyers and sellers in complex, multi-million dollar asset and stock transactions, and regularly assists in the assessment, negotiation and closing of business transactions for publicly traded and privately owned businesses.

The services include:

  • Advise on structuring, establishing and organizing a business.
  • Advise and participate in the raising of capital and corporate borrowings.
  • Prepare licensing, confidentiality and outsourcing agreements.
  • Prepare operating, shareholder and partnership agreements, including those of professional practices.
  • Provide counsel on corporate governance matters and employee practices matters.
  • Provide an array of services in connection with construction transactions.
  • Structure agreements for the purchase, acquisition or sale, financing and redemption of asset-based and equity transactions.



While our attorneys are always open to alternatives to litigation, we file cases without hesitation.  Our excellent track record of lawsuits makes us  effective at negotiating great results in the mediation context.

We have represented our clients in matters relating to domestic and international laws relating to customs, banking, trademark, excise, sales tax and different types of duties levied by the government. Tax manipulation or evasion by national and international authorities.

The lists of clients have been provided in the ‘Clients Page’.